English woman wakes up with Chinese accent

In the kind of news story that you wouldn’t even believe if it were in a Hollywood film, a woman from Devon started speaking in new accents after complaining of severe migraines.

She initially spoke in a Chinese accent for about a week, and then woke up speaking in a more Eastern-European sounding accent (apparent in the video below).  Unfortunately there’s no evidence of the Chinese accent; I would have been really interested to see what that sounded like.

Clearly she has had some kind of brain episode affecting her speech areas, as she makes some grammatical errors as well as the perceived accent change.  As she mentions in the video, she is unsure how long it will last for.  Apparently some people who suffer this kind of change recover after some time.

It’s nice that her mental capacity seems unchanged, although I think it would frustrate me no end to have people think I was a bit simple because of the way I spoke!

Source: Sky News.