Croydon. A large town in the south of London, Croydon holds its own when it comes to attracting tourists and newcomers due to its energetic shopping scene and strategic position between central London and the seaside. The city is a major business district and a lower cost of living makes it a popular residential destination for families from Asia and Eastern Europe. With nearly a third of the town made up of residents born outside of the UK, Croydon is a mélange of different languages that continues to grow everyday.

Whether you want to learn a foreign language to communicate more effectively with family and friends or to qualify for a better job, you will recognize the benefits of being bi- or multilingual immediately. Meet a native, qualified tutor in your area; ready to help you build a tailor-made course programme based on your learning goals and schedule. Send us an enquiry for information about language packages in your area and take one of our free online language level tests to see how good your foreign language skills are!

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Interesting Language Facts

Bilinguals have better literacy skills.

Bilingual adults receive advantages over their monolingual counterparts, such as higher average salaries and more career opportunities.

Over half of the world’s population is bilingual.
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Language Taught: French

Lucile is a native French teacher who was born and raised in France. She has taught both French and English to learners for over 7 years. Her teaching experience is varied, and has included both private students as well as children in primary schools.

Croydon's twin city is: Amhem, Netherlands

Top Foreign Newspapers

Asharq Al-Awsat Language: Arabic
Sing Tao Language: Chinese
Russian London Courier Language: Russian
The Prisma Language: Spanish
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”I am enjoying my classes and learning a lot as well.”

Rishita Nama French course in Croydon

”Our teacher Patricia is lovely and I enjoyed the class thoroughly. She is going at just the right learning pace, which is good. Thanks.”

Victoria Hodgkinson French course in London, HR Advisor, Gucci Group