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Language Courses in Southampton

Southampton. One of England’s major ports, Southampton has a diverse economy based around manufacturing, overseas trade and a vibrant university scene. While the docks and maritime industries fuel much of the economy, there is also a strong healthcare and retail sector. In recent years, the population has increased by 5%, with many incoming residents hailing from overseas, with an especially large Polish community.


As bilingualism becomes more common across Southampton, you won’t want to get left behind. Study a foreign language and communicate with international associates in the workplace, travel abroad, or expand your business opportunities. Meet native, qualified tutors in your area and see how a personalised lesson plan can help you reach your language learning goals! Get started today by taking a free online language level test. Then, send Language Trainers a quick enquiry to meet a tutor in your neighborhood!

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Foreign Language Speakers

Foreign Language Speakers

14.90% of population
No. of Immigrants

No. of Immigrants

16% of population

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  • Durham Structures Ltd
    Durham Structures Ltd
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    PA Consulting Group
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    PK Manufacturing, Inc.