Building the literacy bridge with talking books

literacy bridgeI came across this digital media blog post about a charity organisation called Literacy Bridge that is using budget technology to try to make a difference to the lives of people in developing countries.

Literacy Bridge is utilising easy-to-use, low-cost voice recorders to help spread information and increase literacy levels in rural Ghana, where knowledge is still primarily spread via word of mouth.  The Talking Books, designed to cost around 10USD each, are already being used to help understaffed schools teach their children, and spread knowledge and news through remote communities.

Talking books can be used to record and store pre-recorded audio, as well as being connected to each other, and to central kiosks, to transfer information, lessons, and news.  The speed can be altered to suit different learning levels, and people can improve their literacy by playing audio at the same time as listening to books.  The devices are so simple that small children can use them as well as adults.

A pilot program was launched early this year, and the organisation has recently received a grant from  To find out more information, or donate, visit Literacy Bridge.