YouTube differentiation between English and English

Recently there seems to be a trend on social networking sites (e.g. Facebook) to provide content in other languages. This is all well and good, for distinct languages. However, I’m not sure that differentiating between English (US) and English (UK) on websites is entirely necessary. I mean, an excessive amount of z’s and lack of u’s makes me a little uncomfortable sometimes, but I still know what they’re trying to tell me. When I got a message asking me to ‘help translate Facebook into English (UK)’, it seemed more than a tad unnecessary.

For the last couple of months, every time I log in to YouTube, it shows me the same message, asking if I would like to view the site in English (UK). No matter how many times I click ‘OK’, or change the settings, it still gives me the same question next time. No matter if I’m in English (US) or English (UK), it still just says ‘English’ up the top. I also get the option to ‘view the site in English’, or clicking to ‘show message in English’.

I’m not sure which English they mean….

YouTube English vs English

In semi-related news, apparently to change the language you receive notifications in, you have to change your current location to a country which speaks the language you require. That seems ridiculous.