Cornish Classes with Native Cornish Tutors

Have clients or colleagues overseas? Thinking of working aoad? Learning a new language opens up new professional opportunities. In fact, in a survey by the National Foreign Language Centre of 2,100 HR departments, a whopping 93% of employers admitted to favouring those who speak another language.  Take a Cornish course in your city! Did you know that bilingual people display greater creativity and flexibility than monolingual individuals? There are opportunities abound, both here and aoad, for multilinguals. For example, knowing Cornish makes your CV stand out over monolinguals and can put you on the top of any interview list with potential employers. Why not start with Cornish classes today?

With how many Cornish speakers will you connect? You do not only need to travel abroad to make new friends and acquaintances using your new language skills. There are probably entire communities of Cornish speakers in your home town or city! Communicate with them on a whole new level! Learn Cornish and see what opportunities await you. There is an increasing demand for bilingualism in today’s society, and learning Cornish is an investment that will last a lifetime. Receive a customised lesson plan, designed by a Language Trainers native-speaking Cornish tutor. Our instructors love teaching and will go the extra mile to help you learn about the Cornish language and its culture. Ready to get started? Begin today by seeing how your language skills measure up. Try our Cornish level test! It only has 70 questions, takes just 15 to 20 minutes to complete, and will allow us to instantly assess your current skills! So, contact us to begin your journey towards Cornish fluency! We will begin personalising a course to match your needs and schedule, no matter how busy you may be!