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Client Case Studies

Check out our clients' success stories! Choose from a selection of our clients' case studies and see why they recommend working with Language Trainers!

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”Language Trainers takes on [the difficulties of finding a qualified teacher who suits your learning style and schedule] on your behalf and manages them for you without too much of a price difference, while also allowing you to switch teachers if you think your current one isn’t suited to your style”

Alice Broadhurst A Japanese Course and Self-Study: Finding the Balance
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” “I had worked through a couple of language apps but it soon became obvious that I was missing out on actual conversation. I tried some online lessons but, frankly, they were too easy to miss or not take seriously. I needed the interaction and accountability of a face-to-face teacher; one I could build a rapport with””

Caroline Anthony A second home in Greece
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” Language Trainers is a great platform for people who are completely new to a language and the flexibility of being able to have lessons online and at different times was amazing. I think you are an excellent option for people who have busy lifestyles but really want to make a start in learning a language”

Kate Adley Dutch Flemish: A Birthday Surprise
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”"Language Trainers is very quick to respond to enquiries and keeps you up to date on when you will receive your lessons. This makes them a very easy company to deal with"”

Katie Taylor Learning Korean to get her dream job
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” It is so useful to have someone speaking to me in Greek… I’m now beginning to recognise words more easily but also understand that there is a burden on me to practise, practise and practise”

Neil Hendriksen Conversational Greek for Idyllic Holidays
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”It was very useful that the classes were conducted as much as possible in Portuguese. This gave me the opportunity to use my new skills in the ‘real’ world”

Victoria Collins Business Brazilian Portuguese Classes With an Amazing Teacher
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Worldwide Clients

Some of our clients include:

Took French Courses in Reading

Took German Courses in Glasgow

Took Spanish Courses in London


”My teacher is great and I am optimistic about the progress I will make with teacher and lessons.”

Jack Eade Flemish course in Exeter
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Teacher Case Studies

Name: Terry
Language Taught: English

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Teachers Video Profile

Meet our experienced, native-speaking language teachers!