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Language Courses in Dublin

Known for its charm and cultural heritage, Dublin is one of the best places to live in Ireland. Over the past 15 years, the city has become more ethnically diverse, with a foreign-born population that represents 20% of the total population. As reported by the 2010 census, 250,000 foreign-born people lived in Dublin, up 51% from 2002, and this shows in the number of languages spoken at home. Even though English is the predominant language (used by 90% of the population in business, education and daily life), it is not the only mother tongue in the city!

In fact, there are thousands of residents of Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Nigerian, Romanian and Indian origin living in Dublin, and most of them speak their own language at home. Furthermore, you can take a walk around the city and you will find many ethnic neighbourhoods. For example, you can visit Chinatown to get some Chinese vibes and taste delicious traditional food in one of the many restaurants. You can also find Little India, Little Italy, Koreatown and more. Start learning a foreign language in Dublin and broaden your professional, business and social horizons.

Where to Study Foreign Languages in Dublin: Dublin is home to many reputable higher education establishments where you can obtain an official certificate after studying a language for weeks, months and even years. One of them is Trinity College Dublin, which offers programmes in many languages, such as majors in German, French, Spanish and Italian, and individual courses in other languages like Arabic, Farsi, Russian and Chinese. These language lessons will help you not only become more culturally aware, but also will increase your employability and give your CV a boost. Another option is to enrol in the many programmes offered by the University College Dublin, such as their Modern Languages BA, a four-year course designed for students who wish to study two to three languages, choosing between French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Students will spend their third year abroad at a university where one of their main target languages is spoken. Please consider that these institutions require their students to have at least a basic understanding of their chosen language to enrol, so don’t hesitate to contact us at Language Trainers. We will adapt our Exam Preparation course, so you reach the minimum standards (or beyond) required to start your programme in one of these universities.

Where to Practise Foreign Languages in Dublin: After taking some lessons with us at Language Trainers, you will be ready to start meeting with other language students and speaking in the language you are learning. And there is no better way to do this than by joining language exchange communities, which will enhance your exposure and help you get familiar with their sounds and rhythms of your chosen tongue. For example, you can join the weekly get-togethers organised by the Language Exchange Ireland Meetup, which is a great opportunity for you to improve your target language while meeting new people. Don’t worry if you are just starting out with your course: all ages and levels of proficiency are welcome. In their meetings, they have a very simple methodology: you must sit in front of a native speaker or a learner of your target language and speak to each other for 5 minutes; then, change table and begin speaking with someone else, and so on. Another option is the Dublin International Mishmash, where locals and internationals meet and exchange views and ideas to get to know more about one another’s culture, music, art and habits while having fun and practising their foreign language skills.

Language Jobs in Dublin: No matter your profession or career, learning a second or even third language in Dublin will help you succeed. There are hundreds of international companies with headquarters in the city which are always hiring bilingual speakers, such as Google, Facebook, Airbnb and Paypal. When applying for a job at one of these companies, knowing a foreign language will certainly help your CV to stand out. Meanwhile, if you already own a business and would like to expand into overseas markets, you have the option of getting in touch with the dozens of foreign chambers of commerce based in the city. If you are targeting the Asian market, for example, you should contact the Chinese, Japanese and Korean Chambers. But if you are more interested in the Latino Market, then you can attend the events organised by the Mexican or the Spanish Chambers. These institutions will not only provide you with valuable information and conferences but also with opportunities to network and make new contacts useful for your business.

Using Language to Experience Culture in Dublin: Being so multicultural and diverse, Dublin is home to many events, festivals and parties that will allow you to explore the culture of your target language in great depth. For example, the Goethe Institut on Merrion Square champions the German culture by organising different events and festivals, such as the traditional Oktoberfest. Meanwhile, those with an interest in Italian can go to the annual Italian Fusion Festival, where you can enjoy concerts and poetry readings in Italian while tasting delicious traditional food. And if you are studying multiple languages, do not hesitate to attend the Festival of Nations that takes place in Dublin every year. Take part in this celebration of one of Ireland's most spectacular and diverse events that represents the ethnic groups living in the city, including the Polish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and French communities. You will enjoy exciting activities and performances all in one venue! Regardless of the language you want to learn, you can find opportunities to explore its culture even more. Check out 360 Dublin City’s website, where you can find a list of all the events celebrated throughout the year.

Are you ready to become multilingual today? Contact us at Language Trainers and we will help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. Furthermore, our courses are completely personalised to suit your needs and requirements. Just reach out to us and one of our trainers will come to your home, office or a public place of your choosing. Some suggestions where you can take your lessons are the Dublin Public Library and Archive on Pearse St or The Stage Door Cafe on Essex St E.

We have excellent professionals based all around the country, so your location is not an issue. Contact us even if you are not living in downtown Dublin. For instance, we can come to Rockingham, Mandurah and Bunbury, Kalgoorlie-Boulde, Geraldton and beyond.

Are you an eager learner who has studied your desired language before? If so, please take a few minutes to complete the appropriate free language level test, so we can understand your current ability and then offer you an option that suits your starting level!

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