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Online Arabic Lessons

Our Online Arabic courses are a great way to learn Arabic from the comfort of your home or office. You can cover modern Arabic to help you meet your business, career and social needs.

Online General Arabic Lessons

A wonderful course for those beginning to discover the intricate grammar, alphabet, vocabulary and pronunciation of the Arabic language! This course is perfect for beginners, yet also an excellent class for those who already have a higher fluency level and greater knowledge of the Arabic language, as they will work to strengthen the skills they already have.

Beginners will start the course with Survival Arabic, in order to help students better integrate into the culture of an Arabic-speaking country. Trainers will teach students the fundamentals like common Arabic phrases, vocabulary, and cultural customs. After completion of this requirement, students will continue the course with tailor-made lesson plans to accommodate their needs for the course.

The advanced students will be taught more complex grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation techniques while improving their Arabic fluency in reading, writing, and speaking.

Online General Arabic lessons are offered as One-to-One, Two-to-One and Private (closed) group sessions.

A Private Group is the best option for students wishing to form their own group with family, friends, and co-workers. Language Trainers will schedule the class, after the group has been confirmed, at the convenience of the students. Up to 8 students per group.

All classes have a minimum booking of 10 hours.

Online Business Arabic Lessons

"The" course for students who would like to learn or improve their Arabic skills to help them get ahead in their job situation!

Survival Arabic, E-mail Arabic and Telephone Arabic are all requirements of the course that beginners must complete before moving on in their studies. These three courses teach students the basic elements of business Arabic customs and language. Students will learn the basics from formal greetings and business etiquette cultural differences.

Higher levels will begin the Arabic business course focusing on Arabic document reading and writing. Trainers will also help students concentrate on the more specific needs associated with their job or work needs.

This course is offered as One-to-One lessons. Private Group classes are also available for those students, employees or colleagues who would like to study and learn the Arabic language together – ideal for companies who would like to train all employees simultaneously.
Maximum group size: 8 people.

Both One-to-One and Group classes have a minimum booking of 10 hours.

This course is designed for those students who want to learn Arabic in order to move forward in their current job situation.

Arabic Beyond the Phrasebook
Online Arabic Lessons for Travelers

This course offers the fundamentals and essentials of Arabic for travelers. All students will be trained in common Arabic phrases, vocabulary, and customs to help them interact more fluently while visiting an Arabic-speaking country. Trainers will teach students to go beyond the phrasebook by practicing the correct pronunciation essential for ordering food, booking hotel accommodations, shopping, exchanging money, and asking directions. Any special requests for material or subject matter will be supplemented into the course (examples include: child adoption, buying property in an Arabic-speaking country, meeting the in-laws, and business trip circumstances).

This course is currently available as ten 1-hour sessions. If need be, the amount can be reduced to five 1-hour sessions if there is not enough time before the student’s trip.

We are hiring Arabic teachers. If you have experience teaching Arabic online, send us your resume or CV