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Online English Lessons

Our Online English Classes are perfect for all students who wish to improve their English and perfect their fluency level with one of our native qualified online English tutors.

Online General English Lessons

Beginners will start the course with Survival English. This course will help students feel more confident when talking and interacting with English-speakers. In addition to the language lessons, Survival English will cover cultural customs of English-speaking nations.

More advanced students will practice the complexities of English grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Students will end the course with an increased level of English fluency and knowledge.

  • Planning to move to an English-speaking country
  • Spouses of overseas nationals
  • Travelers
  • Students preparing for an English examination


  • Students with a passion for the English language

General Online English lessons are available as One-to-One and Two-to-One classes. Private (closed) and Public (open) group classes are also available.

Public (open) group classes are convenient for those students who wish to study in a classroom-style setting. Group course preparations will be arranged by Language Trainers, and classes will meet consistently at the same time and day each week.

Private (closed) group classes may appeal to the student who would like to form his or her own group with interested friends, family, or coworkers. Language Trainers will arrange the class schedule at the convenience of the participating students’ schedules.

Maximum booking: 10 hours. Maximum Group Size: 8.

Online Business English Lessons

This course is especially for students who would like to enhance their careers by learning English Business skills. We are currently training students who are employees of multinational companies, work in import and export, or who are looking for work within a company where Business English is required. Language Trainers also caters to those with international colleagues, from academia and government.

Beginners to the English language will start the course with Survival English, as well as E-mail English and Telephone English. This part of the course is an essential tool that will help students learn complexities of the English language and introduce students to business culture in English-speaking countries. Trainers will also teach students the proper greetings, formalities and etiquettes of Business English grammar and vocabulary.

Trainers will help more fluent students concentrate on document reading rather than writing. Students and trainers will also focus on the needs and requirements specified for their jobs.

Online Business English are available as One-to-One and Two-to-One lessons. Employers and employees may also benefit from Private Group Classes. This is an ideal way for students from the same company or area of business to train together. The maximum size per group is 8 people.

Minimum hours of booking: 10. Sessions typically last one hour.

English Beyond the Phrasebook
Online English Lessons for Travelers

This is a convenient, tailor-made course for those who love to travel. Students and trainers will focus on the essentials of the English language allowing the students to go beyond the phrasebook.

This course is divided into ten 1-hour sessions* that will train students to read, speak, and understand the English language. Students will learn how to give and receive instructions, shop confidently, order food, exchange money, book accommodations and many more necessary phrases that will help the student to get the very best out of his or her trip. If a student is traveling for a particular reason and would like specialized training, the course can be altered to include this need. Specialized training might include subjects such as: child adoption, overseas property buying, meeting the in-laws, etc.

All students will end the course with an improved sense of confidence allowing them to integrate into an English-speaking culture with ease.

*This can be reduced to five 1-hour sessions when there is little time available before the trip.

We are hiring English teachers. If you have experience teaching English online, send us your resume or CV