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Online German Lessons

Our Online German tutors will get you started with German and help you overcome all its complexities, whether you need German for work, travel or personal reasons.

Online General German Lessons

This is the perfect course for all students from Beginner to Advanced levels. Each student will begin the course at his or her own pace. Students can anticipate finishing the course with confidence in his or her German-speaking, reading, and writing abilities.

Beginner students will start the course with Survival German, to help build assurance in dealing with everyday affairs in Germany or with native speakers. Following Survival German, the student will continue the course with a lesson plan tailor-made to suit his or her learning expectations.

Students at a fluent level will intensively study complex grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation with their trainer. In addition, students will become familiar with slang terms and idioms to help the student improve his or her level of fluency.

Online General German Lessons are available as One-to-One or Two-to-One classes. Language Trainers also offers two different types of group classes –Private (closed) Group classes and Public (open) Group classes. Private (closed) Group classes are formed by the student, and designed for students with a group of relatives, colleagues, or friends interested in participating in a course.

Public (open) Group classes are organized by Language Trainers. Any student may join a public group class. Classes will meet at the same time and day each week.

For all classes, a minimum booking of 10 hours is required. Maximum group size: 8.

Online Business German Lessons

The perfect course for those doing business in the German market or for those with clients in Germany. Ideal for both beginners and advanced speakers.

Our trainers will guide each student through specific German business vocabulary and business practices that will both improve the student's language fluency and aid him or her in job advancement or placement.

Beginners will be taught the fundamentals of German grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. After grasping the necessary basics, beginners will be lead through the varying categories of Business German including cross-cultural differences, proper greetings and business etiquette. Our trainers will instruct the student in the specifics of Telephone German and E-mail German skills. These essential skills will give the student the encouragement needed to pursue his or her business goals. Those who are more fluent in German will concentrate more on reading and writing. Trainers will also address job-specific needs and requirements for German.

Many of our students are also working for multinational companies in the areas of international negotiations and acquisitions, import/export, etc. We also are training students who are currently looking for jobs in Germany.

Lessons are currently available for One-to-One or Private (closed) group classes. Private, or closed, group classes allow for the students to pick and choose who they would like in their group. Language Trainer schedules classes at the convenience of the student.

All lessons last one hour. Language Trainers has a minimum booking of 10 hours. Maximum group size: 8.

German Beyond the Phrasebook
Online German Lessons for Travelers

The perfect German language course for those who love to travel! Beyond the Phrasebook courses will focus on the essentials of the German language.

This course is designed as ten 1-hour sessions* that will train the student in German-speaking culture and language. Students will learn how to give and receive instructions, shop confidently, order food, exchange money, book hotel accommodations and many more necessary phrases that will help the student to get the very best out of his or her trip. If a student is traveling for a particular reason and would like specialized training, the course can be altered to include this need. Specialized training might include the areas of child adoption, overseas property buying, meeting the in-laws, etc.

All students will end the course with a sense of confidence that they have the ability to integrate into a German-speaking culture with greater ease.

*This can be reduced to five 1-hour sessions when there is little time available before the trip.

We are hiring German teachers. If you have experience teaching German online, send us your resume or CV