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Meet the core of our company. Read case studies from our teachers, and see why they continue to recommend Language Trainers to teachers and students.

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Meet Our Teachers: George’s Story & Tips for Meaningful Learning

If you are planning on learning Romanian, you should meet George, one of our top Romanian teachers!
In this video, he tells us about his experience teaching his native language with Language Trainers and what he loves the most about his job.

My favourite aspect of teaching with Language Trainers is to see the students’ reaction when they realise that they are able to hold a conversation in Spanish


Teaching Spanish with 9 years of experience.
I have enjoyed the discipline and understanding experienced in all aspects of working with Language Trainers


Teaching French with 30 years of experience.
Learning a new language is hard work but with a bit of encouragement and motivation from the teacher, you can achieve your goals


Teaching English with 10 years of experience.
I feel proud to have helped my students achieve their objectives through Language Trainers


Teaching English with 20 years of experience.
My favourite aspect of teaching is that I learn from my students just as much as I can teach them


Teaching Icelandic with 5 years of experience.
Professionalism for me means being able to wear a number of different hats and change roles as necessary, according to students needs


Teaching English with 20 years of experience.
I want to’ is different from ‘I need to,’ and when a student shows that he/she wants to learn a language, I immediately notice more passion and a higher interest to learn about a new culture; both of which make the learning experience smoother and more successful.


Teaching Portuguese (Brazilian) with 27 years of experience.
The Language Trainers staff are prompt, clear, and rational in dealing with work matters, while still being kind and courteous. And they work hard to provide me with as many students as possible.

Min Jong

Teaching Korean with 32 years of experience.
If a student wants to focus on one particular area or demonstrates a keen interest in certain topics, I consider this when planning my classes.


Teaching Somali with 1 years of experience.

If you want to learn English you have to meet Elizabeth!

Meet Elizabeth, one of our top American English teachers! She tells us about how her experience teaching English with Language Trainers and her method helped her become the language professional she’s today.

Language Trainers is a global business that works with clients from all over. Working with the company was a chance to work with a range of students of all backgrounds, cultures, and levels of ability.

Rose Marie

Teaching English with 12+ years of experience.
I’ve enjoyed their company immensely, and I’ve enjoyed adapting lesson plans to suit each student’s varying abilities, interests and personalities. Plus, I’ve certainly learnt as much, if not more, from them as they have from me. It’s been quite the privilege


Teaching English with 15+ years of experience.
As long as there is a desire to learn [from my students]; I think that all the rest can be built on that. Patience, passion, creativity or perseverance can all come along the way.


Teaching Romanian with 5+ years of experience.
I teach my Russian students the expression, Глаза страшатся, а руки делают. Literally, it means, Your eyes may be scared, but your hands still do the work, or in other words, feel the fear and do it anyway


Teaching Russian with 20+ years of experience.
It is very possible that one cannot find a native teacher in their city, but Language Trainers will, for sure


Teaching Spanish with 25+ years of experience.
Learning languages gives people the chance to communicate with the world at any moment of their lives. It gives people freedom and independence to travel, work and study all over the world


Teaching Spanish with 6+ years of experience.
As the great philosopher Aristotle once said, Teaching is the highest form of understanding


Teaching Greek with 18+ years of experience.
(…) Remote teaching made me a believer almost instantaneously. It offers so many benefits and additional possibilities that I would prefer over the old blackboard-and-chalk classroom any day


Teaching German with 10+ years of experience.
I chose a career in teaching because I always wanted to learn and, ironically, I think teaching is a great way to learn


Teaching Nepali with 5+ years of experience.
Language Trainers is an important part of my life today as they stood by me when I needed them


Teaching Telugu with 15 years of experience.
With Language Trainers, the world is within reach, and every new language is just around the corner


Teaching Croatian with 20+ years of experience.
Learning a language is all about taking risks and trying your best.


Teaching English with 10+ years of experience.
I think that the Language Trainers team is very professional. It's very easy to get in touch with the staff members, which makes you feel that they are interested in you


Teaching French with 10+ years of experience.
My favourite thing about my job is the interaction with my students and I am so grateful for this on a daily basis. I also love the feeling of satisfaction I have when my students succeed in an exercise or remember a word that we have discussed previously.


Teaching German with 1+ years of experience.

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